Do recruiters steal people from companies?

NO . . . recruiters present opportunities to qualified people and those people, if motivated to do so, will make a career decision to check it out. No one on the planet can convince someone to go through two or three of the most stressful changes in a person's life (job, moving, money) without the person already having a reason to do so.

What are the benefits of becoming a recruiter?

What is the downside of becoming a recruiter?

You have to be disciplined to succeed. When you’re making a lot of money, it’s easy to let up and become a “legend in your own mind.” The majority of your time will be spent on the phone. (If you do not like talking on the phone, then this is not the right business for you.) Even with the internet, one-on-one contact is still necessary. It’s almost impossible to make a placement through e-mail.

How long will it take to start earning an income?

That is really the $64,000 question because there are so many variables, as there are in any business. There is no way to realistically answer that question. Most of the people I have talked to in the staffing industry say that it will take about 90 days. I once gave a lady in California my permission to make a placement in her first two weeks and she made not one, but two placements. It will depend on what you have done prior to becoming a recruiter (Contacts) and how fast you are at jumping in and really going for it.

Is there a way to pick this up quickly and get started right away?

I’m glad you asked. The quickest way I know is to get this course and go over it several times and then get started. One very important and remarkable aspect of starting a home based recruiting business is that it has hardly any start-up costs. If you have a phone, computer and printer, you are ready to go, with the exception of some minor office supplies. I don’t know of any business that you can start like this one.