Palmer Suk, President of Madison Harris Corp. Executive Search:

My highest recommendation! Darryl Arnold is a first-rate business leader, coach, trainer, mentor, and advisor. He is really, REALLY good at this profession - no one does it better. If you are lucky enough to be one of his clients, you are fortunate indeed as his skill-level and ability to get the job done resides at the pinnacle of the profession. Moreover, Darryl fosters motivation, instilling a vision of success and achievement that have been an inspiration to me and has yielded exceptional results. He sets high standards (second to no one), and he does so effortlessly, making it look easy. He motivates and inspires leadership, staff and clients. His ability to effectively pass on extensive in-depth professional knowledge to others gets the very best out of individuals and teams, while integrating the entire process into corporate objectives. Execution and positive results stream out of his work, and I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact his work has on business. I cannot thank Darryl enough for the role he has played in my success and others who have worked for me. He is simply the best at what he does.

Debbie Burton, Executive Account Manager:

Darryl worked with our staff on training in the staffing industry. The level of experience he brings, not to mention the fun way of learning was one of the best I have ever experienced. Darryl has an innovative approach to training. This training allowed me the extra details needed to take my career to the next level of recruiting. I can't say enough about the training I received from Darryl except to say he is excellent at what he does and is always there to help with a smile.

Mary Mac, Senior Marketing Program Manager:

Our owner relied on Darryl to review sales reports and assess each recruiter's strengths and weaknesses and train accordingly. Darryl gave weak recruiters verbal tools and negotiating strategies to improve their results. Darryl's sales and staffing know-how increased revenue on direct hire, contract to hire and contract placements. Darryl was an extremely profitable coach to Palo Alto Staffing.

Charles Allred, Sales Director at Legacy Turf and Tree:

Darryl's numerous years in the staffing industry have proven to be very beneficial to his training of my recruiters and he has helped improve my team's production. His recruiter's training manual is excellent in terms of covering the step-by-step process of becoming a successful recruiter. I recommend Darryl's services to any one with the goal of improving production.

Mark Oppenheim, Delivery Operations Lead at ICONMA:

I worked with Darryl at Resource Spectrum. He was a very supportive manager and he did a tremendous job to get me leads and accounts. He has the patience of a saint and I enjoyed working with him tremendously.

Rob Wallgren, Sr. Technology Recruiter, Global Talent Acquisition for R&D at Ellucian:

Darryl has recruited, trained and managed a team of excellent Account Executive/Recruiting Managers as the SR. VP while sharing his experiences and knowledge as a long standing successful leader in the staffing business. He takes the time to build solid standing relationships with both employees and clients while continuing to be a top performer and leader. Strong work ethic and ability to create win-win situations for all.